With gui:config you can edit Firefox about:config Preferences in a User Friendly GUI

firefox-logo-pngFor the past few weeks, we have been discussing firefox more than ever before. The reason behind this is that Firefox is one of the most powerful browser ever developed. You can find tons of add-ons and tools that contribute to make your life even more simpler on Firefox. You can even tweak and tune Firefox to optimize its performance.

Having said all that, it’s not easier for most users, especially for newbies to play with Firefox’s about:config panel. You need to know a lot more when it comes to optimizing it manually.

If you type inside your firefox address bar: about:config you will see a huge list of commands that can not be understood without having proper know how as to what they might do if you tamper with them. A useful tool that we have come across recently allows you to see these commands in a Graphical user interface (GUI) manner.


Basically, its a Firefox extension, called gui:config; and what this tool does is that it presents the content i.e different types of commands; in a user friendly way, dividing it into different tabs and sections, thus specifically telling you what each function is about and what it will do if you change its values. Similarly, it displays the options, included in the current version, using check boxes, drop down lists and text boxes.


We highly recommend our users who want to test different functions in Firefox to apply this to their browser, so that you may take full advantage of this awesome browser. Gui:config supports several languages and is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Download gui:config Firefox extension


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