Create and Upload torrent files | How To

utorrent-logoTorrents are among the most popular way of sharing files from the web. With the number of torrents increasing at a rapid pace, they are considered among the fastest and the easiest way to share and upload files.

Although downloading a torrent from a popular Torrent site like btjunkie and/or demonoid, etc seems a piece of cake for some, but there are millions of users who don’t even know how to create and upload a torrent file. In this tutorial we will teach you how easy is it to upload a torrent file on popular torrent websites.

What is a Torrent anyway?

Basically, Torrent is a small sized file having .torrent file extension and contains information about the tracker and where the file is located. In order to download a torrent file you need a Torrent client namely bitTorrent, bitlord, utorrent to name a few.

How to create a torrent file

Before we start you need to consider two points:

  1. Torrent builder : In this tutorial we will assume that you are using utorrent.
  2. Torrent tracker: You can get the tracker address from the website for which you are creating torrent.

1. Open utorrent, Goto Files -> Create New Torrent. Or use the hotkey CTRL+N,


2. You will be prompted, whether you want to create a file or a directory,


3. Click on directory and open the website that you wish to upload your files to,

Once that site is opened, look for tracker address, in most of the sites you will find this at the bottom of their homepage. In case you find difficulty searching the tracker address you can take help of help forums.

Below are some of the tracker mentioned to help your way out:

4. Place them inside the tracker box and then click upon ‘Create and Save as…‘ option.

5. By this time, your tracker address has been added. Do NOT tick the private torrent box (unless you’re using a private tracker). The reason is that private torrent websites uses there own torrent trackers, while public torrent trackers allow you to use their own trackers or some generic ones (as mentioned above).

Optional: Open your favorite torrent website and search for the ‘Upload Torrent’ option, fill it with necessary details about your torrent. Hit the ‘Upload’ button. You can even ask your friends to download the torrent that you have created and once they have downloaded it, tell them to seed it so that others can enjoy downloading the files provided in the torrent.

Note: As already stated, this method works best for uTorrent client. If you have any other bitTorrent clients you can take a look at this article.

Was this method too hard? Perhaps not. Happy sharing!

Source: Torrentfreak


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