Portable Windows Live Messenger 9 for USB Drives Available for Download

portable-windows-live-messengerWe all have been using and still love to use Window Live Messenger (WLM for short), as it is the best Instant Messenger available at the moment. We use it to interact with our friends and family. The main reason for its wide acceptance is that provides you a variety of useful features.

Uptil now, WLM was some how restricted to your personal computer and when you were out side or using public computers you may not have the access to use it or it might not be available on that computer.

Now a days, there is a large variety of applications which are not limited to your desktops only, but you can carry them away where ever you want – these types of applications are termed as portable applications. With its popularity increases, now you will find your favorite Window Live Messenger in a portable version as well.

Portable Windows Live Messenger is a fully functional package of Windows Live Messenger optimized for use on a USB Flash drive, which you can carry it any where you want.

Here are a few download links to Portable WLM 9:

Download Portable Windows Live Messenger 9

Download Portable Windows Live Messenger Lite 8.5.1302.1018

Download Portable Windows Live Messenger 8.1

Note: Clam Av Anti-virus detects adware.agent-2882. These links have not been tested. Skidzopedia will not be responsible for any damage that might result after downloading this file.

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