How to Make Skype Portable via USB Flash Drive?

skype-logo-fullSkype, (What is skype?) as yet has not made an official portable version for all USB flash drives except U3 despite the fact that over the period USB flash drives has got enormous use and therefore popularity. Portable versions can thought to be useful for many.

For instance, business persons on tours can plug-in their portable skype into computers and can make easy, cheap contacts with their clients or offices. Tourist can also plug their USB flash drives into internet cafe computers and can run portable skype to call at homes and friends.

Making skype portable has another distinctive feature – any information that skype produces will be written on to the USb and not on the computer that you used, thus keeping secured and unworried that you haven’t left any information on host computer.

Skype has not developed any portable version yet, but you can modify your own skype, as it is technically possible. Below are underlined steps which needs to be followed to convert skype into a portable one.

1. Make a folder on your USB stick giving it a specific file name, for instance; “portable skype” or any other.

2. Install skype onto your system if you haven’t and copy the skype.exe file from the location you have installed; probably somewhere “C:\Program Files\Skype”


3. In the “portable skype” folder, create a new sub-folder called “data” and paste the file here. For example; portable skype->data.

4. Now inside the “data” folder, make a new text document using Notepad or something similar.   Name the file “skype.bat” or “Skype Portable.bat” or whatever you like.

5. Open this file and enter the following line: skype.exe /datapath:”Data” /removable

6. Save the .txt file and then close it.

That’s it. You’re done! You have got yourself a portable version of skype, though technically ‘rough‘ but ready to use.

Another thing that you might need to configure while using the portable version of skype is to configure the firewall of the computer you are using to run skype, as it asks whether you want to allow it to pass or not.

via ReadWriteWeb