Shape Collage – Free Automatic Photo Collage Maker

shape-collage-header-logoPhoto Collages are one of the most popular way to enhance photos for both a collecting in personal albums and for sharing too. There are various softwares available online (web-based) for download and lets you create very nice photo collages like Picasa does, but even Picasa has some limitations. Let’s sooth your designers nerves by this awesome desktop app for collages.

Shape Collage is a nice tool which is free to download for photo enthusiasts. It is loaded with bundles of option which will lets you make collages with ease but in a professional manner.


The main option of this application is that you can create collage of any size which can be a normal sized up to resolution photo collages or even posters. Each collage can be specified according to custom size, shape, space. Even you can type text to create a collage of that shape.

This application is named Shape collage because it lets you draw any shape of which you want your collages to be shaped in. Moreover photos can be selected manually along with the option to select the various folders for a collage.

It serves as a one stop for all your photo collage needs. Output format can also be custom selected from .jpg, .png or .psd file.

Download Shape Collage

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