Grab 3 Months Free Avira Premium Security License Key

avira_antivirus_personaledition_premiumKeeping your computer virus free is very crucial in order to protect your data from viruses, spywares and malwares. However, looking for the right kind of anti-virus program that not only gives your system full protection from virus attacks but is available free of cost is very hard to find.

Although you will find dozens of anti virus claiming that they could handle virus attacks, but I doubt that they are telling the truth. Today, I am sharing with you a 3 months free premium copy of Avira AntiVir.

Why bother with Avira AntiVir? Avira AntiVir gives protection against viruses, worms, torjans, its AntiRootkit protects you against hidden rootkits. Its AntiSpyware protects against spyware and adware, while AntiDrive-by stops malware downloads while surfing the web. In addition to that it has an incredibly fast scanning system with easy to use interface.

How do I get a 3 months free copy of Avira AntiVir premium? Here’s what you have to follow in order to claim your copy;


1. Simply Visit their Promotion Campaign Page

2. Fill-in the form with all the necessary details that they have asked for; for instance, Salutation, First name, Last name etc.

3. Hit the “Request License Button“.

4. A link will be sent on the address that you have provided. Click on it and grab your free license key.

5. Download Avira Premium Security Suite.

6. Enter the license key that you acquired from step #4 while installation.

Enjoy virus free computer for 3 months! Don’t forget to share your views on their promotional campaign.



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