Scrapboy: A desktop client for Myspace, Orkut and Facebook

Facebook, Myspace and Orkut are considered amongst the largest social networks over the internet. Although it’s quite natural to think social networks synonymous with the web, however there is a slight appeal for having a desktop client as an alternate.

Scrapboy which is basically a desktop client handles some of the most popular social networking sites, including Myspace, orkut and Facebook. The biggest advantage that Scrapboy gives its users is that it provides a common interface to handle multiple sites. No need to log into each site separately.

The interface itself is easy and simple to use. For instance; if you log into Facebook, the social network first asks to allow Scrapboy access your personal information. Click ‘Yes’ and it will display a list of all your friends.


Once you have given complete control to Scrapboy, inside the chat box, you’ll be able to view your wall posts, check your inbox, view your pokes, events and check out your groups.

Some of the key features of Scrapboy are as follows:

  • Ability to navigate directly to your own or your friend’s Facebook/orkut/MySpace page
  • Ability to view which of your friends is currently online
  • Ability to configure it to work seamlessly if behind a proxy server; with the settings in the options tab.
  • Ability to View photos in a slideshow
  • Ability to view which of your friends has an upcoming birthday
  • Ability to view your requests from new friends

Overall view about Scrapboy is quite impressive, the only problem is that if you log-in through your browser instead of Scrapboy and make some changes to your profile, for instance in this case Facebook. All these changes won’t get reflected when you log back in through Scrapboy. I hope that in the near future more promising features will appear, making it more fun and enjoyable to use.

Here’s a question to you. Which features do you want to see in the upcoming versions of this application?

Download ScrapBoy (7.6 Mb file size – Windows Compatible Only)