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The World of Touch Technology

A revolution is upon us. With gadgets like Apple tablets, Android smartphones, Microsoft’s Surface tablet, there are multiple interface devices that have provided us with the ability to control computer just by making simple hand gestures, something that was only Read More →

What We Didn’t Get with the New iPad

So after all those days of continuous rumors, we finally got our hands on the new iPad as well as our eyes. We got some better connectivity options, an improved camera, an “enhanced” processor and Retina Display. Unfortunately, there were Read More →

A Few Gadgets We Could Have Been Better Without

While we celebrate this Leap Year, we thought we should do something special. Everyone is always looking into the gadgets and the technology that has changed their lives for good. How come no one has ever looked at the gadgets Read More →

What to Consider When Buying a Used iPad

There is less than a whole day until we don’t see the new iPad from Apple, the Apple iPad 3. The iPad 3 has created many different rumors about itself and we cannot confirm anything until we don’t actually see Read More →

What’s New with the New iPad / iPad 3?

So we are sure that you have heard about the new iPad. It is all over the internet. The new iPad has lived up to many of its expectations. Just from looking at it, you will not be able to Read More →

Download and Install Windows 8 on Your MacBook Air

Windows 8 is getting closer and closer to its final release and people cannot seem to wait for it to come out. The Consumer Preview was made publicly available a few days ago and, if you do not Read More →
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