How Not to Forget your USB Drive with Flash Drive Reminder

Yesterday, while I was in my university lab a terrible accident occurred to me. I was working on my project that was due this weekend. I loaded my project from my USB that I had plugged in. I worked for a while and then thought to take a short break. I hurriedly shut down the computer and went to the Cafeteria.

As I was sitting inside the cafeteria, I remembered that I forget to unplug my USB drive from the computer. By the time I went back, it was already stolen. Well, the point of telling the whole story is that most of us forget or USBs in labs, offices and other work places.

Here is a simple yet very handy utility, titled Flash Drive reminder that prevents you from losing your USB drive or forgetting it in the first place.

Flash Drive Reminder, pops up a message on your desktop which reminds the user that his USB drive is still plugged on the system. Its is extremely useful utility for people and especially students, who carry their data on a USB Flash Drive or work on different computers and tend to leave it unplugged.


This little program will display a destop reminder saying that the flash drive is still plugged in, while you are logging off your computer; thus saving you from losing your USB forever. In addition to that it also adds an option where an auto run box appears when you insert a flash drive into the computer.

It works on Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms provided AutoPlay option is enabled on the computer where you insert the drive. Currently, Flash Drive Reminder is available in two versions, namely; Standard Version and Quick Version.

The Standard version has the following options:

  • Start minimized – minimize the reminder window to the Taskbar
  • Open an Explorer window on startup – display flash drive’s files on when Reminder starts

While in the Quick version only a reminder pops up to remove the drive when you log off or shut down the computer.

Thanks to Flash Drive Reminder I won’t lose any of my USBs in future!

Download Standard version

Download Quiet version

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