Windows Mail: How To Block Email Messages From A Particular Country To Control Spam

Many people nowadays complain about spam and phishing mails that daily ends up in their mail boxes. Seriously, its really annoying and time wasting to clean all the mess that others have made while you were offline. However, we have come up with an excellent solution to this problem.

If you are a regular user of Windows Mail – a successor of Outlook Express, not only this will help you combat spam and phishing mails but also you won’t have to worry about deleting them from the inbox as these types of mails will be get caught in the spam filter once you have blocked it permanently.

Before we move on, you have to make sure from where these spam mails come from, although this is not the preferred method but still this would help you a lot in blocking countries who send spam the most. For instance, spam coming from UK or Germany will have a suffix .uk or .de appended at the end of each address, respectively. But like we said that’s not the preferred method, since services like hotmail, yahoo, etc. won’t have a suffix at the end.

How to Filter Email Messages from a Particular Country?

1. Inside Windows Mail, click on Tools menu at the top and from the drop down menu, select Junk E-mail Options,


2. A new window will pop up, click on the International tab,

3. Under this tab click on ‘Blocked Top-Level Domain List…‘ button,


4. Another small window will pop up, listing all the countries,

5. ‘Select All‘ and then manually deselect your preferred countries, where you want to receive emails from. Click OK when done.


Perhaps the most easiest method is to de-select any country from which you want to receive emails, for instance, from countries where your friends and family are living. You’ll be surprised to see the results! Give it a try and let us know about your views on this.



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