Vista Service Optimizer: Fine Tune and Optimize System Performance

With the passage of time your system performance tends to get slower and slower because of an increase number of applications and updates that tends to accumulate over time. These programs runs quietly in the background and most of the time have no active part except to consume system’s precious resources.

This can have a drastic effect on the overall performance of the system, making it slower and increasing systems boost time. (More about boost time and how to improve it, here).

Although its quite easy for experienced users to play with Windows and perform certain tweaks or hacks that stabilizes the system performance to an optimum level; however, its not that easy for novice users and the chances are that they might mess up with the system making it obsolete.

If you are one of those people who either don’t know about Windows Vista (Windows in general) or are afraid to perform tweaks, then Vista Service Optimizer is an excellent alternative for you.


This is a must have tool that enables users to safely turn off those services which are not performing any useful task, thus allowing it to fine tune and speedup systems performance. In addition to this, it also provides services like, Automatic and Manual Tune Ups, System Diagnostics, Services Test, System Restore feature, to name a few.

Once you click on the Services Diagnostics button inside the application, it will display a list of active programs and will suggest services/programs that can safely be turned off, without effecting system’s stability.


One of the most admiring feature is that it allows users to either perform a manual tune-up that lets them select from a more detailed list of features that they want to disable or choose automatic tune-up that automatically tunes up the system based on what is suitable for it.

Users can undo any changes that have been made by the Vista System Optimizer by simply going to Windows Vista Optimizer’s Rescue Center, this will bring the system to the default, unoptimized state that previously it was on. Above all, this application is free of charge but works for Windows Vista only. However, you’ll need to download .NET Framework in order to run it.

Download Vista Service Optimizer