Merge Two or More Yahoo! Accounts into a Single Account – How To

Previously, we discussed with you on how to integrate two or more Gmail accounts onto a single one. This is very useful as most of us have multiple accounts. It becomes extremely painstaking work to sign in each account separately to send mails to your friends or clients.

However, today I’ll share with you a very useful and time saving trick, that will allow you to merge multiple account of the same service, in this case, Yahoo!. Here’s how what you have to do,

Integrate two or more Yahoo! accounts into a single one

1. Sign in to your Yahoo! account,

2. Click on Option button on the right side of the screen,

3. From the drop down menu choose ‘mail options‘,


4. Once the page has loaded, on the left pane click on ‘Accounts‘,

5. Now on the right side of the pane, click on ‘Add or edit an account‘ link,


6. A new window will open, click the ‘Add‘ button,


7. Inside the Add account menu, you’ll be asked to enter ‘Account Name‘. Enter the name of the account and hit enter,

8. Again you’ll be asked to provide your name and email address into the fields. Simply enter the email address you want to integrate with this account. Hit enter when done,

9. After a few minutes you’ll receive a confirmation email from Yahoo! on the email account that you have just integrated,

10. Click on the link to complete the procedure,

Voila! Enjoy two or more integrated accounts on a single one.



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