How To Add/Remove Items Under the ‘Send To’ Menu in Windows Vista

The ‘Send To‘ option in Windows Vista is very useful and time saving command which allows users to send any file or folder located anywhere inside the computer to one of the options provided inside the Send to menu. Users have the leverage to either send their files to a Floppy drive, CD/DVD drives, compressed (Zipped) folder or create a shortcut on the Desktop for future references.

Likewise, some softwares also creates an entry in the ‘Send To‘ menu. This can lead to over crowded menu with a large amount of entries that are not in use. Similarly, the user may want to add additional entries which helps navigate or send files/folders to the added entry quickly. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to modify i.e. add or delete entries from the Send To menu.

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Adding items to the ‘Send To‘ menu

1. Click on the Start button,


2. Inside the Search box, enter SHELL:SENDTO and hit enter. Note: Make sure you enter the command in Upper case (Block Letters), otherwise it won’t work. Alternatively, use the following path;



3. If you are using the former method, you’ll see a a list of default items (as shown above) which are visible in Send To menu,

4. In the Send To, you can add any item you wish to see in the Send To menu. Similarly, you may add any folder you want to place your files in.

In order to place a file, simply locate that file, usually inside the C:\Program Files, copy and paste any file inside the Send To windows. Follow the same procedure to add a folder to Send To window or create a new folder by right clicking the mouse button and selecting New->Folder. For instance in this tutorial, we created a new folder named ‘TestFolder‘. Here’s a screenshot illustrating the effect;


Removing items from the ‘Send To’ menu

Follow the same procedure upto step #3 and delete any file or folder that you don’t want to see in the Send To menu.

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