How to Create an Ultra Hidden Folder on Windows

Hiding files and folders in Windows is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Although its a very good option to protect your privacy by hiding files and folders, however the down side is that most of the users know this trick and can easily expose any ones privacy by enabling ‘Show hidden files and folders‘ option in windows Folder option menu.

What if I tell you that you can make an ultra hidden folder which not every one can crack? If you are interested in knowing this trick keep reading.

Note: Before you begin, make sure you have a dark background; (In Windows Vista) right click on the mouse button and select Properties, then select Desktop Background from the list and choose a suitable dark background (not necessarily black).

Hide a folder in Windows XP and Vista

step #1. First of all choose any folder from the desktop that you want to hide,


step #2. Select the folder name and highlight the text,

step #3. Now hold down the ALT key and while holding it press the following key combination 0160 .i.e. ALT+0160

step #4. Once you release the ALT key, you will notice that the text has disappeared,


Great! Now we have to somehow hide the folder as well, here’s what you have to do next;

step #5. Right click on the folder and choose Properties from the menu,

step #6. Click the Customize tab on the window,

step #7. Inside the customize tab, click on Change Icon… button,


step #8. From the window that pops, scroll to the right and select hidden icons from the list. Click OK when done. Reference the screen-shot below;


Voila! The folder has now magically disappeared! Do note at this point, if you are a Windows Vista user, once the folder is hidden you can only select it but cannot delete, however Windows XP users can delete this folder by pressing the delete button on the keyboard.

This is the final result. The folder is now hidden. Rearrange the icon to merge it with the background better.


How to delete the folder in Windows Vista?

As I already mentioned, deleting the hidden folder in Windows Vista will not work. For this you will have to opt a different tactic. First you’ll have to rename it and then delete it, however the conventional way of renaming a folder won’t work here. Simply follow the procedure mentioned below.

step #1. Go to start and inside the search box type; cmd and hit enter,


step #2. A command prompt will open;

step #3. First you will have to type the path where the hidden folder is placed, in this case its on the desktop, therefore, we’ll use the following path;


step #4. Once you are there, type

ren ” ” folder


Important: The above line is not as simple as it seems. Let me explain this in simple English;

  • First type ren,
  • Hit the space bar,
  • Click the Double Quote button,
  • Now use the following key combination while holding the ALT key; i.e. ALT+0160
  • You will notice that a space has now been added next to the quote, add another double quote as shown
  • Again press the spacebar and type any name that you want to give to the folder, in this case it’s folder
  • Hit enter and the name will appear on that folder


step #5. Hit the delete button to delete the folder.


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