Partition USB Flash Drive with Lexar USB Format

I always wanted to create a partition on one of my usb drives, so that I could easily sort out my files and place them accordingly in different categories. The only problem with this idea is that Windows does not allow users to create a separate partition on USB drives as they are cataloged under ‘Removable Media‘.

However, Lexar’s USB format is an excellent portable tool which was initially designed for Lexar USB’s only, but because of increase in demand now works side by side with other USB drives.

The main window of the application provides you an easy interface, which not only helps you in Flipping the removable bit, but you can also use this tool to format your USB drive, make it bootable or set a volume label when ever needed. In order to create a partition all you have to do it to click on the Flip Removable Bit button, as seen in the screenshot below.


However, you will need to set up a multiple USB stick partions discussed at Ghacks to resolve this issue. [via]

Download Lexar USB Format (.Zip File)

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