50 Excellent Resources to Submit and Promote your WordPress Theme

WordPress is one of the widely used and most lovable open source blog publishing application (CMS) ever created. Originally designed for blogging but is so powerful and popular that it is being used by many business websites. Due to its popularity, you’ll find a large number of free and premium wordpress themes created by creative and innovative designers.

While most of the designers who create excellent, adsense wordpress themes, manage and publish their themes on their own blogs/websites; there is still a large number of designer who are willing to publish their work all for free to the general public. Generally these designers do this to promote their own blog, thus enabling them to rank higher in Google’s and Yahoo’s SERPs.

Promoting your free wordpress theme is not as simple. There are tons of free wordpress theme directories who are willing to take/publish your wordpress theme(s). However, most of theme are out-dated or obsolete, meaning that either they don’t accept/publish fresh wordpress themes or it take months for the theme to appear on their homepages.

If you are a designer and love wordpress themes as much as I do. Here’s a list of some of the most famous, widely used wordpress theme directories to submit your work.

Top 11 WordPress Theme Directories

If you are in a real rush and don’t have time to submit your work to all the theme directories. Here is a list of top wordpress theme directories; listed according to PageRank, traffic, collection and above all freshness!

1. WordPress Theme Directory – [Registration Required]


2. Weblogtoolscollection – [Registration Required]


3. Blog Flux – [Registration required]


4. ThemeBot – [Registration Required]


5. WpSkins – [Registration Required]


6. ThemeBase – [Registration Required]


7. WpThemesFree


8. FreeWordpressTheme – [Registration Required]


9. Theme Rock Kitty – [Registration Required]


10. NattyWP


11. BestWpThemez


Other Free WordPress Theme Directories

12 FreeWordpressBlog – [Registration Required]

13. FreeWpBlogTheme

14. Fresheezy

15. ProWordpressTheme

16. WpThemeLand

17. ThemeSplice

18. ThemesWP

19. WidgetReadyThemes

20. WpSalon

21. WpThemesArchive

22. BloggingThemes

23. WpTmp

24. ThemesPreview

25. WordPressTemplates

26. TemplatesFree

27. BgTheme

28. TalkTheme

29. FreeWpTheme

30. iLoveyouWp

31. TopWordpressTheme

32. FreeWpTheme

33. ThemesJunction

34. TemplatePanic

35. MyGreenCorner

36. goTheme – [Registration Required]

37. Satinder – [Registration Required]

38. iThemes – [Registration Required]

WordPress Theme Forums

Registration and active participation is required before you can publish your own theme on these forums.

39. DigitalPoint

40. SitePoint

41.ย  v7n

42. TalkFreeLance

43. WebMasterTalk

44. Bloggeries

45. WebDesignForum

46. WebDesignerForum

47. CSSChat

48. WebTalkForums

49. NewWpThemes

50. WpForums

Another great way to promote your blog theme is by submitting it to as many social bookmarking sites as possible; which includes Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Yahoo! buzz, Propeller, Mixx, etc. and tell your friends or colleagues to vote you on these sites.

Which of these theme directories do you like the most?


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  3. Steve
  4. Roberto Sanchez