Pnyxe – A Professional Dynamic Comment and Forum Widget For Your Website

Comments are an elementary part of any web or blogsite simply because it adds a layer of “Interactivity” to your site. Blogging in itself needs to be “interactive” and certainly not a monologue; you would like to understand what your visitors experience about your blog post and should allow them the chance to speak and share their ideas on the topic.

Pnyxe offers a professional comment box system that can be plugged in almost any web site within a few minutes. We Offer social widgets for websites, including comment systems or forums. Such widgets prolong visit time, increase web traffic and boost search engine rankings (SEO). Through all these you can eventually boost a site’s earnings.

Pnyxe’s widgets are embedded in 1000s of websites world wide, such as the NBA team “The Indiana Pacers” and
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Pnyxe’s Comment System got 2 main widgets:

DiscussIt – which is actually a social comment system. It enables users to include content and connect with each other, in addition to share their content on social websites sites.

ForumIt – This is another forum widget allowing you to create forum pages within your website. It provides advanced management system for forum and again inheriting the site design is one of the feature of this widget.

Pnyxe is, actually, a network that links all user generated content from page to page and site to site – improving the prospective benefits. PostRank mechanism routinely ranks the information and the authors and assigns a reputation to every single author. Thanks to this ranking, content articles are automatically organized and so the most appropriate content is shown first.

Each comment can turn out to be first, if it creates enough buzz. Email announcements bring back authors, when someone responds to their post, which results in a very worthwhile and branched discussions. Visitors may also follow authors or perhaps discussion they enjoy.
Authors can share posts on his or her Facebook wall or Twitter account, making a new supply of incoming traffic among their friends and followers.

Search Engines Optimization is probably the most critical activities to attract more traffic. Search engines “like” dynamic websites and boost their rank. The user generated content created in Pnyxe’s widgets is search engine friendly, in other words its crawl able.

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