How To Create a Virtual Drive on Your Windows 7

I am sure that at some time in your life you wanted an extra hard disk in which you could store some files for safe keeping, like as an encrypted vault or something. This article will help you do exactly that. Read the instructions below.

The process starts off by knowing exactly what you’re creating that is a virtual disk in a .VHD format that will be able to carry a minimum of 3MB. Right-click on the ‘My Computer’ logo and select the ‘Manage’ option.

This will open up the Computer Management screen. Click Disk Management and then follow this up with Action and Create VHD.

Go through to the directory you want the disk to be in. Choose the size as well and also if you want it to be dynamic or fixed. Dynamic means the disk will expand as you add files and fixed means that it will stay the same size you assign to it no matter what.

The Disk Management screen will see a virtual drive in which there is unallocated space.

To start using this drive, you’ll need to Right-click on it – Initialize Disk.

When you come across the Initialize Disk box, keep the MBR box ticked and move forward.

Now it is time for you to create volume. Right-click on the undivided space and hit New Simple Volume.

Here, the Wizard will come up so it’ll be easier for you to complete the process.

Select how much space you want for this volume.

Assign the volume a letter that is not being used by another.

Format it according to what you want it to be: NTFS, FAT32 or FAT. Also, choose what type of formatting you want as well as file compression.

The process is complete. Click finish.

If you’ve AutoPlay on, it will pop up and display it to you.

You’ll also be able to see it in My Computer.

A new feature has been added. You can encrypt the volume drive, share it or even use it to save files on. This is a great feature and adds more functionality for users.

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