How to Create a Transparent Look to Windows 7 Menus

If you have been using Windows 7 from the start, you are probably getting really bored by it by now. The same old solid colors are probably not as appealing to you as much as they did initially. Don’t you think this is an opportunity to make your Windows more flashy and trendy? If you are still using Windows 7, then you are blessed. Having this operating system will help you bring an aesthetic appeal to your platform.

Now, you have the ability to make the drop-down menus go transparent, of course, to your liking. The background will appear to be more translucent to you with a color tint that suits your liking. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? As it is, Windows 7 already offers its users many colors and adjustable settings to help you tweak the appearance to your liking.

The name of the software is MooO Transparent Menu. Here are the steps to get your transparent menus now.

Download the application from the main website of the developers.


After you install the Transparent Menu 10.5, run the Installer.exe by following the instruction set that you will be displayed thanks to the launch set up.


Once it has been completely and successfully installed, the icon for the program will appear in the task tray on the bottom right-hand corner. Clicking on this icon, you will be presented with a list of options that you can apply to your Windows.

Feel free to adjust the transparency and color to whatever you like. Such a change will surely help you to bring a new and trendy look to your computer, something that you have been yearning for who knows how long.

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