How to Rip a Blu-Ray Disc to MKV using DVDFab

You finally have that collection of Blu-ray movies that you’ve always wanted. You can put that part of your mind to rest but another side is about to awaken. This side has started thinking how you can provide back-up for these discs in case they scratch up too much, lose them or even let your close friend borrow them. What will you do at a time like this? We have a solution but for that, you will have to read the step-by-step instructions we have provided below. First, you will need to know that a Blu-ray movie will require a minimum of 2GB and maximum of 20GB, depending on the quality.

For this tutorial, we will be using DVDFab Blur-ray Ripper. It is fabulous undoubtedly!

For this tutorial, I will be using The Dark Knight Movie. Moving on, once you have purchased the blu-ray ripper, install it and open it up. You will be greeted with the screen shown below.


Then, your program will head directly towards the disk and it will ask you to state the disk’s region code. The code will vary depending on what your location is so do not worry.

Moving on from here, the program will start reading the disk, presenting the screen shown below:

As you are probably able to see the screen below, you will click on the option that says Blu-ray ripper, which will come on the left-hand side. This will give a MKV option. Choose this. If you want the subtitles to be included, we recommend that you select the preferred languages.


This is where the conversation settings window comes up that is, when you click the Edit button.


If you click on Video Effect Settings, you will have the option of cropping, re-sizing or changing the aspect ratio of the movie. I, on the other hand, chose not to take any action.


When you are fully satisfied with your settings, press Start. It will take some time so don’t panic but there are high chances that it will vary with the capability of your computer. More the RAM, faster the processor.

When you are done, you will see this:

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