How to Split MKV Files using MKVToolnix

This tutorial is revolved around splitting a .mkv file into numerous parts and into an user-specific size. Such a format will let users keep their files into one container, without losing out on any quality in terms of audio and video. To carry this process out, we will need the help of MKVToolnix. Here is how to go about it.

Firstly, choose the language you want to use it in.

Go to Next.


Specify the path you want to use. By default, the drive will be C:\.



After the installation process is complete, you will be asked via a prompt asking if you want to add a shortcut of the program to your desktop.

This is where the program will ask you whether you want to use a graphical user interface (GUI) or not, for mkvextract. Since we are splitting files, a GUI will be included. Hit Next.

Now, hit Finish so you can move on with the process.

When the program starts up, you will see a screen and this screen will have selected the Input tab. Click on the Add button and go through the mkv file you want to split. Highlight it and click Open.


The information will be loaded. You can specify the location at the bottom as well. I chose to keep them all together.


Click on the tab that says Global and tick the Enable Splitting box. You will also have to specify a size for the file. Remember that you will have to specify a size by writing a letter with the numerical size for that is, G for Gigabyte, M for megabyte and K for kilobyte.


Click Start Muxing, which will appear at the bottom of the window.


It doesn’t take long to work but this will depend on your computer.

You all can probably see that my desired file has been split into 3 files, maintain the same level of audio and video.


Download MKV Toolnix from here

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