How To Check Your System Crash And Freeze Problems With WhoCrashed

If you are facing computer problems, then you have come to the right place. Are you constantly caught up with your computer because it keeps crashing? Does it freeze a little too often? If you answer yes to these questions, then we have the best solution for you – WhoCrashed. Sometimes, it’s for the best that you find the cause and root of the problem rather than anything else. Once you determine what the problem is and why it occurred, it becomes a lot easier for everyone to solve that problem to ensure that it never occurs again, or at least, minimize the probability of it occurring again.

Users will find error messages after their computer has crashed, but these messages cannot be understood by a layman. You need to be able to know what the whole ordeal is. WhoCrashed is an application that has been developed to help you dive deep into the problem. It helps to extract what the problem is inside your computer system. It provides you all with the error codes of the specific error code and it also tells users what driver was responsible for the crash. This combination of features helps to make searching for a solution very easy.

WhoCrashed shows which driver(s) have been responsible for crashing your computer, all with one click of your mouse. In many cases, the program can pinpoint exact which driver has been offending your computer and causing misery to it in the past. It also performs a post-mortem analysis that presents users with all relevant and valuable information along with an analysis of the entire situation.

But developers of the program did manage to leave us all with a note in case we were expecting too much from them:

Note that WhoCrashed cannot always be 100% sure about the drivers which are responsible for crashing your computer. Because all kernel modules run in the same address space, a kernel module is able to corrupt another. Also, a driver may be able to cause problems to another driver which runs in the same device stack. So keep in mind this software is not guaranteed to identify the culprit in every case but most often does.

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