How to Download and Convert YouTube Videos Online to Any Format Quickly

How many times have you tried to run a search looking for some easy and quick way to convert YouTube videos into any sort of format without having to install any sort of software? I’m raising my hand. I always find a problem with one software or the other, most importantly, the time they take to convert the video and other such problems. I have been praying and praying, hoping that one day, my prayers, along with everyone else’s are listened to. I’ve been praying that video conversion would come as fast and easy as following a link that says click here in any given text. And finally, our prayers have been answered.

All we need is Zamzar. This is an online service that will help us convert videos from YouTube to any format that we like. We can try to convert these videos on to our iPhones and iPods and what not. The possibilities are endless. There are so many formats that we can choose from: wmv, wav, ogg, mpg, mp4, mov, mo3, iPod, iPhone, gif, flac, avi, ac3, aac, 3g2, 3gp. With this service, we can convert a video up to 100MB. However, if you want to convert a video that is larger than this, it will cost you some few extra dollars. It is faster than any software that you can download, there are no adverts that will disturb you and you can convert a maximum of 1GB videos.

Enter the URL in the bar under Step 1. The next step is to choose the format into which you want to convert it to. The third step is to enter your email address so you can receive it through your email account. The last step is to click on “Convert” and you are done.

Once you complete these steps, the website will begin to upload the video straight from YouTube on to their server. They will email you the link from where you will be able to download the file, once it has been converted successfully. Clicking the download link will bring the page presented below.

The name and size of the clip can be seen. Click “Download” to start the download. The best part of this service is that it’s free and you will not have to install any additional software.

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