How To Batch Copy or Move Files at Scheduled Time Intervals

Moving a file from one location to the other is very easy so there is no need to worry. We will help you throughout task. But there is a problem that comes into play when you try to copy or move files at a particular time on a certain day. It is near to impossible. You are now probably wondering what the benefit of moving around files is. Sometimes, it is useful to move files around as a backup on a specific time or move them around to the server on a specific interval. Like we said earlier, there are many different reasons as to why someone would want to move files around, or even have copies of them.

But the problem remains of actually copying or moving the files around. Unfortunately, Windows does not come with this demanding feature. But there is a solution to this and that is FileMove Lite. Simply put, this application moves or copies files from one location or folder to another at a predefined time interval. It has come out to be very useful in such situations and this is why we felt it was important to introduce it to those who are unaware of its existence. It searched for free space on your disk automatically, and overwrites any existing file that is present in the folder where you’re moving the new file to.

Enter the Source folder, the Destination folder and the Time Interval. Once this has been completed, make the choice whether you want to Move the file or Copy it. If you want the files to be overwritten in the destination folder, then don’t forget to check the “Overwrite Existing” box.   Just click on “Start” and leave the rest to FileMove. The software will start copying/moving the file instantly.

If you don’t want to check size of the destination folder, then go to Options and check the “No Size on Destination” box. That is all you have to do. It is very useful if you use this tool as its handy to make backups as frequently as you need, especially if you are the administrator of a network.

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