How to Download and Watch DVDrip Movies with Subtitles

Sometimes when you download movies, there are some problems with the audio. At times like this, you really wish you had subtitles for the movie. Other times, there are subtitles for the movies but you just can’t seem to turn them on. What to do at a time like this? I usually watch movies with subtitles, even though m English is strong, I just don’t want to miss out on a dialog during a movie. Everyone knows I watch movies with subtitles and so this pushes people to ask me what the best way is to add them. So, in this post, I will tell you all how to download and watch DVDrip movies with subtitles.

Downloading Movies

I always download movies using uTorrent. This is a great way of getting your hands on ultra-efficient downloads for mega-sized files. There is nothing better than this. uTorrent is the program that you use to download torrents from the internet. These are pointer files that you use to share files. They are also known as bittorrents. As of late, they have become suspect to a lot of fame because of how easy it is to use and how fast you can download movies. After downloading uTorrent, go to Torrentz Search Engine to look for your desired torrent. They usually mention if they have subtitles or not.

Installing a Media Player

DVDrips are usually in .avi format and this is run poorly by many media players. I recommend using VLC media player because of its flawless performance. Installation is very easy and straightforward so there not a thing to worry about.

Adding Subtitles

After downloading the subtitles, make sure the subtitles and movie are in the same folder.

Before playing the movie, open VLC and go to Settings > Preferences.

On the sidebar to the left, go to Video > Subtitles/OSD.

Browse and locate the subtitle file and Open it. Click Save when in the Preferences window. Now close it and play your movie. If they aren’t displaying, then right-click on the screen and go to Subtitle Track and select Track 1.

If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the box below. Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips