How To Fix Generic Host Process for Win32 Services Error

If you are facing a Generic Host for Win32 Process error then there is only one thing that can mean: you have received this error while your computer was starting up and this means, in turn, that you are using Windows XP service pack 2. But there is no need to worry because this method can be applied to all other versions of the Windows as well. The cause of this error is the presence of a bug in the Windows Security update 873333 (MS05-012), and if you have installed this update, then you will definitely get this error soon enough.

The presence of this error also creates another problem. Files names no longer are displayed when you face this error in email messages that have attached files with them. The following conditions needs to be true though:

  • The file name contains a double-byte character set (DBCS) characters
  • The name of the file is longer than 42 characters

Apply Microsoft’s Patch

There are different ways you can fix this problems but there is the best way – apply the patch provided by Microsoft. Just download the security patch from here and this will fix this specific bug you encountered from the previous security upgrade. This patch, by the way, is only applicable to Windows XP’s 32 bit version (for all other versions’ fix, click here). After you successfully install the fix, reboot your computer and this error will no longer prevail.

Update Your Windows Yourself

There is another way to go about this error.

Go to the Start menu and right-click on My Computer. Go to Properties after that. In the properties window, you will see a tab labeled Automatic Updates. Select Turn Off Automatic Updates and restart your system.

Now, navigate to Start > All Programs > Windows Update. Once here, manually update your Windows and, at the end, Turn Your Automatic Updates off. Again, restart your computer. Make sure you’re connected to the internet during this procedure.

If none of these methods work, let us know and we will provide you with additional ways to cure this Win32 Services error.