How To Combine Multiple Links Into One Shorter Link Using Shrink2One

How many times have you sent links to your friends and family for different photo albums, YouTube clips and so many other things they would really enjoy? I’m sure the answer to this questions is somewhere near to hundreds! How annoying is it, at times, to copy and paste so many different links in an email or through some instant messaging system. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have some sort of service that would convert all these links into one, simple link? Well, now there is something that can make this happen and it’s called Shrink2One. This is a free web service that lets you convert numerous URLs into one small URL.

Visit the website and start adding different links to the site that you want to share. Add a title to the links and add a password as well. This is optional but its recommend if you are sharing some links that you want to be secured. After adding everything, click on Shrink Now (the green button).

After you click on Shrink Now, the service will start providing you with new links after they have been shortened. With these new links, you will be provided with thumbnail images of each sit. Simply click on any of the individual links or on the photo to access the site.

Clicking on the link or even on the thumbnail will open up a new website in a new tab.

I strongly recommend everyone to try and use Shrink2One at least to create a unique and short URL when you are trying to send numerous URLs to your friends and family. It’s a great way to send lots of information in a totally new and convenient way.

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