How To Fix “Cannot Delete Folder/File”, “Access is Denied’, or “File in Use Errors” in Windows Using Unlocker

How many times have you tried to delete a file and you are given the response “Access is Denied”? How many times have you tried to copy a file and you get an error saying “The source file may be in use”? These errors occur because of many reasons. One reason, and possibility, may be because the operating system of your computer is using the file somewhere, or the simpler explanation may be that you, being a user of the computer, may not have the privileges of the admin.

If you get “Access is Denied” when you try to access a file, then it simply means you don’t have the authority and permission to access the file. The administrator has the power to give you this privilege. And if you aren’t an admin, then you will not be able to access these files. However, if you are the admin and you are still receiving such errors, then Unlocker is your solution.

Unlocker is a small yet powerful software. It allows you to access to file that is locked and then aids you in unlocking it. Once you install the software, you can access any file or folder that is giving you one of the above errors. Right-click on the file giving you the error and then click on Unlocker. Just look at the image below.

A new window will come up and it will show you a number of processes. You can either unlock all of the processes or just kill some of them.

To the left of the Kill Process option, you have a dropdown menu. In this menu, you can Move, Copy, Delete or Rename any of the locked files.

This program will help you deal with the following errors:

  • Cannot Delete File
  • Access is Denied
  • There Has Been a Sharing Violation
  • The Source or Destination File May Be in Use
  • The File is in Use by Another Program or User
  • Make Sure the Disk is Not Full or Write-Protected
  • The File is Not Currently in Use

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