How To View HTTP Headers Of Any Web Page In Firefox

If you want to see your HTTP headers on any different website you visit, then this article will definitely help you. If you are a web developer that is using Mozilla Firefox version 3, then there is a tool, or add-on, that you may use. It is called Live HTTP Headers. It will display the HTTP header of a website on the website along with other related information like debugging cookies, http and server transactions and so much more.

You can also verify if by optimizing your SEO by verifying it with 301 and 302 redirects. This step is very valuable. It not only tracks JS-requests but it also analyzes them with so much more ease when you use this add-on.

We will now move on to tell you how to add a manual shortcut for Live HTTP Headers. Go to Views and then Toolbars. The option you are looking for here is Customize. When you find it, click on it to move forward. Drag the add-on onto the toolbar of your internet browser.

Now, you can make your option. You can select whether you want to open Live HTTP Header in a new tab or in an existing tab. You will also have the option to filter URLs amongst all the other options you have with this add-on.

Unfortunately, this add-on does not include many features including copying to a clipboard, inclined searches and it also lacks a feature to remember the settings you applied in your last session. This way, you will not have to reset your system every time when you open and access this add-on. Overall, it’s a great app and there is no doubt in that.

If you’re a web developer this add-on is great for you. Use this now and share your experiences. Image Courtesy: AddictiveTips