Two Powerful Business Tools

Sometimes it seems like business meetings are a necessary evil. A bad meeting can feel like a terrible waste of time, and in the worst case, it actually is just a terrible waste of time. But meetings are still vital for doing business. Having the opportunity to talk to everyone on a team at the same time can be the most powerful way to solve problems and find new, innovative ideas.

Two innovations make the process of having meetings better and faster. The first of these is video conferencing systems. By hosting scheduled meetings via video, you can save a lot of time in gathering everyone into the same location, especially if there is significant travel time involved for some participants. The second is a great file-sharing system. Such systems enable people in separate locations to access the same files quickly and easily. This means time is saved in making sure everyone has the necessary materials, and avoids wasted time in meetings because necessary materials were overlooked.

Flexible Video Conferencing

Many companies have already invested in highly capable phone systems, including conference room systems that enable people in multiple locations to talk to each other. An enterprise video conferencing system that integrates with existing phone systems removes the barriers of hearing meeting participants but not being able to see them. Having video of remote people brings them back into the room in a powerful new way. For remote participants, flexibility in video systems is key. Wherever your team members are located, they need to be able to connect to meetings quickly and with a minimum of difficulty. For client and sales meetings, flexibility is even more important. Make sure that your potential clients can connect to your video conferencing solution quickly and easily, so that you can get down to the important business of selling your products and services.

Powerful File Sharing

A great file sharing solution is the perfect complement to video conferencing. For internal meetings, a file sharing system makes all relevant files available to teams, which means everyone is able to prepare for meetings at their convenience. It avoids confusion and wasted time when someone discovers they have an outdated file, or are missing a key part of a document or presentation. All of the relevant files are just a few clicks away. Meeting minutes can be typed as the meeting is in process and stored immediately in the file sharing system, capturing important decisions and ideas right away with no chance of forgetting them.

For client meetings, a good file sharing system enables sharing individual files or folders with specific people, often via a simple link in an email. Instead of emailing large files or presentations with potential clients, jamming up their email software, you can send a link where they can download the files at their convenience. In some cases, file sharing clients integrate with products such as Google Docs, enabling file viewing online without any need to download first. This can be a great way to run sales presentations, making it even simpler for your sales prospects to view your files with less stress.

Video conferencing and file sharing are two powerful tools to help modern businesses succeed, whether meeting and working together in teams, or in making vital new connections with clients.