Is It Worth the Investment? Lifetime Membership

A number of eBook libraries and websites have started offering premium services. However, these services, though inexpensive on their own, can quickly add up over time. With the average eReader holding a few thousand eBooks, it’s little wonder that a lifetime membership with unlimited downloading privileges on some of these sites is such a tempting deal. is one of the more popular options for eBook downloads, but here’s what you need to know before you make the purchase.


The Basic Premise

The basic premise of is to provide a local gathering point for all the free eBooks on the Internet. You can access just about all of the material for free, as long as you abide by the download restrictions. You cannot download an unlimited number of eBooks unless you have a lifetime or VIP membership. The variety of the eBooks includes a wide range of subjects and titles for just about all interests.

Quality of the eBooks on the Site

Even though is one of the most popular online sites, it’s not the greatest choice for high quality eBooks. It’s become inundated with a number of low quality eBooks since anyone can submit anything to the site. As long as it is in an acceptable eBook form, it’s accepted. This creates a significantly higher appearance of eBooks than are actually there. A number of the eBooks, particularly those in the self-help and health categories, are little more than glorified advertisements, lacking any form of quality. That’s one of the reasons that they let you download books for free.

While no eBook store online can assure the quality of all the eBooks it accepts, the increased formatting requirements seen in online bookstores like Barnes and Noble helps to prevent some of the lower-quality eBooks from getting onto the shelves. At the very least, they decrease the number of poor quality eBooks while also increasing the access to higher-quality eBooks. The majority of the eBooks on this site are not worth more than a dollar, if that. Most of the bestsellers and top notch eBooks are not available.

Risks from Using the Site

One of the other problems with the site is that the eBooks it provides are not always compatible with all eReaders. Many of the eBooks are nothing more than basic .txt or .pdf files classified as eBooks. Sometimes, they are simply html files that can only be accessed online. Technically, this is true, but most eReaders will require a little more sophisticated development to allow full viewing with the expected features. You have to pay for the service to get the eBooks in an actual eBook format.

When you’re trying to fill up your eReader library, you may be tempted to sign up for a service like While it is not necessarily a bad service, it is not the best one. Most of the eBooks are just advertisements, and the paid option is the only way to get actual eBooks. Otherwise, you’ll just be looking at .txt or .pdf files. It’s better to frequent higher-quality sites so that the eBooks are properly formatted and viewable.

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