Mobile Video Collaboration is The New Business Reality

Yes, those impromptu boardroom gatherings really do have a purpose! Although often dreaded, meetings play a major role in the development of successful departments, which in turn builds successful companies. Believe it or not, employees can benefit from more training, instruction and feedback. Meetings give team members a chance to share best practices and challenges among their peers.

Most importantly, meetings serve to streamline communication and improve productivity. Michael Alter of agreed in his article The Golden Rule of Employee Communication. He said, “It is essential to focus on communication at multiple levels within the organization. This includes communication at company-wide, departmental, team, and individual stages. Goals are better set and bonds formed first on a smaller level, then a deeper company-wide initiative.” Clearly, purposeful employee relations create winning teams.

Yet modern managers struggle to handle the demands of multiple projects, travel and home life, which sometimes leaves their subordinates cross-eyed. According to Tammy Erickson of Business Week, transferring information is a major challenge for talent managers. They may be aware of a need to connect but challenged with the logistics, and surely they can’t do it all.

Mobile collaboration is the solution that makes it all better. It is the new reality for business that help to maintain fluidity and keep business booming. The benefits for any organization – big or small – are worth the effort that it will take to convince the higher ups to implement. If you’re not certain of the many benefits of mobile collaboration, keep reading.

Communication on the Go

Forbes doesn’t publicize the top global billionaires without reason. They represent many executives who cross borders to conduct big business. Blue Jeans video collaboration makes it easy for your company to maintain communication with its overseas counterparts and save a few dollars too. One quick implementation and the global community is just a click away (and long overseas flights aren’t exactly cheap).

Don’t fret if you or your company only travels in the U.S. The same benefits apply. The Global Business Travel Association reports an increasing amount of business travelers in America. The association’s January 2014 press release predicted a 6.6% increase in business travelers, amounting to $289.8 billion. This leaves a growing population of professionals on the go who need tools that can manage flexible meetings around the corner or around the globe.

More Device Options

Mobile video collaboration serves the needs of professionals who travel without placing limits on the type of device they may prefer. With this in mind, the debate on whether or not executives should choose an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone has no place here. Your leadership team can meet and collaborate using whatever they are most comfortable with. That also includes software, conference room video systems, web browsers and PSTN Audio.

Time Management

Mobile collaboration is valuable for those seeking tools to manage their daily schedule. Blue Jeans video collaboration makes it easy to schedule and meet anytime or anywhere in the world. You can also integrate calendars from both Google and Outlook.

Seamless Sharing

The growing number of social media sites and RSS feeds show that consumers and professionals are thirsty for information. The Radicati Group, a global technology research firm, reveals daily business emails topping 100 billion in 2013. Those amounts are only expected to increase. This need for rapid information sharing is also met through Blue Jeans video collaboration. Users can easily share presentations, spreadsheets and videos with their desired audience from their mobile device. Bi-directional screen sharing and gesture support make it easy to collaborate and disseminate.


Many corporations are embracing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives. Garter, the world’s leading Information Technology Research and Advisory Company, spoke with global CIOs who agreed. Half of the surveyed CIOs would require employees to bring devices by the year 2017. David Willis, the vice president of Gartner said, “BYOD strategies are the most radical change to the economics and the culture of client computing in business in decades.” As flexible work arrangements emerge, employees are looking for ways to communicate with the home office and stay productive.

Improved Efficiency

Mobile collaboration places a company’s most valuable resources at within arm’s reach. When time is money, staying connected is vital. Expensive flights, per diem and hotel costs are eliminated, and employees can connect with ease to tackle any problem. Mobile collaboration can bring up to 25 participants together with good cause.

Return on Investment

Mobile solutions can also prove beneficial when dealing with potential customers. Sometimes that hard to reach client may just have a really busy schedule. Mobile solutions eliminate that problem. In fact, the Pew Research Institute found that 90% of US adults have cell phones today, leaving more options for those looking to close deals.