Grab a Free Copy of Avira Potable Antivirus Removal Tool

avira_antivirus_personaledition_premiumThese days viruses pose a great threat to your system especially if you are using Windows as an operating system which is more prone to viruses and malware attacks than any other operating system. The best option is to buy a copy of good Anti-virus programs that ensures full protection of the system. However, these anti-virus programs come with a high price tag and not every one can afford it.

In one of our previous post, we offered a free three months license key for Avira Antivirus premium. For those who are interested can grab their free copy from here. But what if you go to your friends house and plug your USB in his system and to make the matters worse, he hasn’t got any anti-virus program installed on his system. So how can you protect your USB and make his system virus free?

The first this that pops into mind is to get a portable version of an anti-virus program, so that it not only protects your Pen Drive, but also cleans up viruses and other malicious programs from another person’s computer. The good new is that Avira Antiviurs is already offering such service.

Avira Portable Antivirus Removal Tool is just the thing you need to protect viruses, malwares, spywares and other malicious programs. Not only it gives you full fledged protection but also gives you the freedom to take where ever you go and plug-in to any computer without worrying to get infected by viruses etc.


This can be extremely useful in places, such as offices and college/university networks where normal USBs are more susceptible to virus attacks. In addition to that it supports and protects a wide range of common day to day viruses. More about the list can be read from here.

Above all you won’t have to worry about spending any money on this program as it comes free of charge. So, what are you waiting for? Get your copy of free Avira Potable Antirus Removal Tool today!

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