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How To View HTTP Headers Of Any Web Page In Firefox

If you want to see your HTTP headers on any different website you visit, then this article will definitely help you. If you are a web developer that is using Mozilla Firefox version 3, then there is a tool, or Read More →

How To Stop/Block/Remove Flash In Firefox with FlashBlock Plugin

Are you irritated by Flash animations that you see almost everywhere on the internet? On a personal note, I am highly annoyed by them especially when they force a website to take very long to load. If you are an Read More →

How To Start Firefox and Internet Explorer Without Add-ons

If your browser recently, suddenly, became unstable due to an installation of an add-on then you have come to the right place. Sometimes, when you install a new add-on, you probably don’t know it but it may be the reason Read More →

How to Fix Browser Hijacking (aka Google Redirect Virus)

The Google redirect is a virus that hijacks your browser and targets search engines like Google and Yahoo, for example. This virus redirects users to infected pages, for whatever the motive may be. These pages can be related to pornography Read More →

How to Create a Backup for Your Bookmarks in Chrome, IE and Firefox

It has been some time since you first bookmarked your first website. By now, you must have a serious collection of bookmarks and if you were to lose any one of these, it would definitely be something that would raise Read More →
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