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How To Stop/Block/Remove Flash In Firefox with FlashBlock Plugin

Are you irritated by Flash animations that you see almost everywhere on the internet? On a personal note, I am highly annoyed by them especially when they force a website to take very long to load. If you are an Read More →

How To Browse YouTube From Your Desktop

YouTube is a video sharing website. It contains so many different videos of almost every genre and they are totally free to access. You don’t need to pay, but if you sign up as a user, you will Read More →

How To Download And Convert Videos Directly From Firefox Browser With Media Converter Add-On

There are so many different applications that you can get from the internet that will help you to download videos from websites. You also have different software as well to help you in this process but this method is a Read More →

Learn How To Download Videos From YouTube To Your PC

YouTube is a video sharing website intended for uploading and sharing videos. There are numerous member uploaded videos found on YouTube. You can enjoy movie trailers, tutorials, guides, personal videos and a lot more on YouTube. YouTube will not officially gives Read More →

PowerDirector Tutorial For Perfect HD .MP4

PowerDirector enables you to upload straight to YouTube, but we prefer saving the videos on our PC before we upload them. I will bypass all of the technical mumbo jumbo and state that our ideal output for 720p HD quality Read More →

How To Skip a YouTube Video Clip and Advance to a Specific Playback Point

youtube-hackNo doubt YouTube is one of the largest and most widely used video sharing platform on this planet. You can find almost any type of video you want Read More →
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