PowerDirector Tutorial For Perfect HD .MP4

PowerDirector enables you to upload straight to YouTube, but we prefer saving the videos on our PC before we upload them. I will bypass all of the technical mumbo jumbo and state that our ideal output for 720p HD quality video is definitely an 1280×720 MP4 file.

You’d think there will be a save option that creates such file but not a chance! No such luck! In the beginning, I had been really confused and was certain I had been missing something. But after a little digging and searching with the PowerDirector forums, I learned that you just cannot save your valuable finished production in that format. No 1280×720 MP4 file output.

This is the only way we obtain our videos on YouTube HD with no hitch.

1. Hit Produce

2. Then choose Portable MPEG-4

3. For that Profile Type, make use of the drop-down and select Mobile Phone

4. Profile Quality is going to be “Mobile Hi-Vision CAM Wooo” that is .3G2

5. Start and complete creating your file.

6. Visit the Save Location of the video.

7. Then relabel the .3G2 extension to .MP4 and you’re done!

This process still uses h.264 codec and produces the 1280×720 HD MP4 file that YouTube along with other video sites, love a lot.

Hopefully you discover this PowerDirector tutorial helpful. Would you use PowerDirector and when so, had you been stumped on that one or am I the only real person who couldn’t figure this out? Scroll lower and share your comments and experience about the different formats you utilize to stream your videos online.


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