Enable Add/Remove Programs when Disabled by a Virus – How To

We have already talked about the upcoming operating system; Windows 7, here, here, here, and here, in the last couple of days.

It would be much better, if we quit thinking about the release of Windows 7, and pay more attention to what we have at the moment; i.e. Window XP or Window Vista.

Today, I will share a tip with you, on how to troubleshoot Add/Remove programs, when disabled by a Virus.

There are times when you get an error while opening Add/Remove feature from your Control panel. The system gives an error by saying that it has been disabled by the administrator. Are you facing such type of problems?

Recently, I had the same problem in my system. Surprisingly, it has a very simple and easy solution, any newbie can do this easily, by following the steps mentioned below.

NOTE: Before you begin, it is vital that you make a backup of your registry. Here is how you can do this. [Link]

Go to Start > Run and type regedit

Open HKEY_CURRENT_USER from the list on the left.

Now open Software branch from the list.

Search for Microsoft from the list, open this option and then Windows from the next list.

You will now encounter Current Version, expand it and then expand Policies too.

You will find here an Uninstall option, select this key and on the right side you will find a key named NoAddRemovePrograms.

Delete this key to enable the Add/Remove Programs dialogue in the control Panel.

Voila! Easy huh? Let me know if it worked for you.



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