Surf the Web Anonymously with Proxies | How To

We have already shared with you a very huge list of proxy sites from where you can anonymously surf the web with out ever knowing where you are connecting from.

We will start our discussion by answering some very simple questions. If you want to ask any other question, please come forward.

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What are proxies?

Proxies are among the easiest way to hide your identity while browsing the internet. Try to visualize proxies as a computer between you and the rest of the web.

When ever you connect to the internet, your identity or the location can easily be tracked. But if you use a proxy instead, it will act as a shield and will hide your true identity. Perhaps an example will make our point more clearer.

Lets suppose you are using a proxy. When ever you connect to any site or forum etc, the web server will think that you are connecting from a proxy computer. For example, if you connect to the web through a proxy located in Spain even though you are residing in England or any other place/country. Any web server you connect to, will think you are connecting from Spain, and would direct you to a Spanish version of that web page, if it so exists.

What are its advantages?

Once you know why proxies are used, we turn our attention as to why people use it or what are its advantages? One of the biggest advantages that we have already given in the beginning of this article was that it provides you with anonymity. It hides your identity.

Another valid reason is that you can access banned sites from places where it is blocked, for instance, schools, offices, etc etc. You can either use Proxy sites or you can set your own proxy (in case if it is not restricted by the admin).

From where can I get proxies?

Open Google and then search for ‘Proxy lists‘ or use any other site that you like, for example:

Can I use proxies for Firefox, Internet Explorer?

Yes you certainly can.

What if I am using Mac OS? Can I still be able to surf the web anonymously?

Well yes! Take a look at this article where the procedure is discussed. Note: You will have to sign-in for the service and will have to pay for the service in order to use it.

What about me? I am using Opera. What should I do?

We have just the thing for you and its even better. Download Operator for Portable Opera.

How to set up a Proxy for Firefox 3?

Setting up a proxy for firefox is pretty simple. Follow the procedure as mentioned below:

1. Open Firefox, and click on Tools->Options.
2. Go to the ‘Advanced‘ Tab.
3. Under the ‘Advanced‘ tab section, click on ‘Network‘.
4. Then under the “Connection” section, click ‘Settings’ button – see screenshot


5. Click on the “Manual Proxy Configuration” radio button.
6. Now copy/paste the proxy address and port in their respective sections.


7. Click ‘OK’.

Congratulations! You have finally set a proxy for the first time! lol. If you don’t think you can do all this hard work, then visit this page which will help you in installing add-ons for Firefox instead.

You can also take help from this video:

How to set up a Proxy for IE?

Same procedure goes for IE as well. Try doing it yourself and if you couldn’t find your way, drop us a comment and we will help you out.


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