Prevent Unauthorized Access of USB Drives using USB Blocker

One of the best modes to transfer data from one computer to another is by using a USB/Pen drive or any other removable media for that matter. However in large co-operations; companies try their best to avoid use of USBs and USB Ports in particular. Why is that? In large networks, if these USB ports are not catered for there is a possibility that sensitive data can get into wrong hands.

If you are a company owner or maintain a network irrespective of it size and want to get control over USB ports, then USB Blocker is just the application for you.

usbblockerAs the name implies; USB Blocker is a nifty, light-weight app that blocks USB Ports on a computer or in large networks. Using this tool you have full control over who connects the USB to which port; you can either block all the ports in the network or customize it to allow access to different computers in the network.

The interface of USB Blocker is very simple and easy to use, in just a few clicks you can either block or unblock any port that you want to give access. USB blocker is a free product of NetWrix (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner) corporation and can’t get any simpler than this. So if you are cautious about the unauthorized access of USB devices to your computer then that’s just the app you need! (Image Credit: IntoWindows)

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