How To Convert a WPS File Extension to MS Word

Converting a WPS file extension is not something that we see in this time and day as it has become more of a relic than anything else. It was probably one of the first programs to be introduced in word processing, in 1980s era.  But even in this day, we find some traces of these word files in many hardware that you could trace back to floppy disks and other such storage devices. Converting a WPS file extension is not a hard task. Below, you will see a step by step process on how to complete this conversion process.

The first thing you want to do is open a new page on the Microsoft Word and click on the ribbon that you see in the top left-hand corner.



From here, you want to go down to Open.



When the little prompt shows up, this is where you want to start looking for the document that you want to convert to .doc or .docx. Click Open once you recognize it.


As soon as you click the file, MS Word will open the .wps formatted file for you. Go back to the ribbon button and scroll down to the Save As option. Here, further select the Word Document as the format. Another way of saving it is by pressing CTRL + S together.


This will save the document in the default format, which will be .docx if you are using Word 2007-2010. If you want to save it another format, then you go to the ribbon again. And go down to Save As and select Other Formats. This will open a prompt and in this window, you will be given a few options that you can use in a dropdown list.


Double click on the .wps file. Choose the second option which says Select the program from a lst.


Now, you will be presented with a list of programs that you can use. You want to choose Microsoft Office Word from the list of options. Near the bottom, there will be a small checkbox that says Always use the selected program. Check this option.

Process complete!

We hope that after reading this tutorial you’ll be able to convert a WPS File Extension to MS Word