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What Is Data Execution Prevention (DEP) and How To Disable It In Windows 7 / Vista

The very first part to this question is answering what Data Execution Prevention is. DEP is a security feature that helps to prevent damage to a computer system from security threats like viruses, for example, according to Microsoft. Potentially harmful Read More →

How To Turn Off Indexing Of Your Local Drive In Windows 7 / Vista

If you deeply desire for faster loading speeds or an increase in the performance your system’s Windows, then it’s time you turn off your Indexing option for your local drives to help you enhance your performance. This option is usually Read More →

How To Minimize Applications To Desktop As Thumbnails

Many of us multi-task these days because we can’t simply do only one thing at a time; we get joy out of doing more than one at a time as it gets you more things done at one time. When Read More →

How To Convert a WPS File Extension to MS Word

Converting a WPS file extension is not something that we see in this time and day as it has become more of a relic than anything else. It was probably one of the first programs to be introduced in word Read More →

Microsoft Zune HD (32GB) 2nd Generation Portable MP3 Player

The original Microsoft Zune came out not too long ago and we all still remember what an epic fail it was. We were really disappointed to see Microsoft come out with something like that. Now, years have passed and we Read More →

Download and Install Windows 8 on Your MacBook Air

Windows 8 is getting closer and closer to its final release and people cannot seem to wait for it to come out. The Consumer Preview was made publicly available a few days ago and, if you do not Read More →
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