How to Block a Program in Windows 7 Firewall

Are you one of those people who get annoyed by the constant prompt that pops up asking you to verify whether or not you want to run a program or not? Do you find it frustrating to suffice the digital signature of a program when you want to connect it to the net every time you want to access it? Then you are one of those people who can truly do without it, especially considering the fact that you are using Windows 7 firewall. Many computer and online technical support personnel recommend that you do a verification check before you access it for the sake of security and the health of your system. Everything really depends on you.

If you are looking to block the above image, all you need to do is follow the steps that we have mentioned below:

Open the Run dialogue on your computer’s desktop by pressing the combination of the Windows key and R.

In the search bar, type the following command: wf.msc and press Enter. This will take you to the Windows Firewall and the Advanced Security window.

On this window, you will come across many different sets of rules that will run on the left-hand side of the Windows Firewall window.


Click on the New Rule tab that you will see on the right-hand side of the menu.


This takes you to a Program in Rule Type windows under the New Outbound Rule Wizard. Click on it and follow that up by Next.


From here, its all simple:

  • Type in the full name along with the path that of the site that you want to and click Continue
  • From here, Select the Block the connection in the Action Window and hit the click next button
  • Choose the options of the profile before you click the next button
  • All you have to do now is assign a new name of the rule that you created and then Finish the process.

We hope that from now onwards you’ll be able to block a program in windows 7 firewall. If you need more assistance, you can contact us on