How To Block and Filter Out Annoying Ads in Firefox

Are you also bombarded by all these ridiculous advertisements that pop up while you are surfing the internet. It’s annoying, isn’t it? We feel for you. Advertisements are effective, no doubt but this is only when they are relative to what is going on and, at the same time, they are informative, meaning users can actually derive information and learn more about something that is being advertisement. However, if they are presented with something absolutely random and not even related to the website they are viewing, they will simply be annoyed and frustrated nothing more and nothing less. Ads running around the entire internet, seeking to make profits, are not acceptable in any medium, at least to many of us. How many times have you received marketing messages while you browse the internet? If you are totally against such ads and want to get rid of them, then do not worry as Firefox has a solution.

Firefox, luckily, has a built-in pop-up blocking feature and, in addition, it also has a feature called Adblock Plus. First, we will cover the former and then move on to the latter.

Pop-up windows can be blocked by Firefox, and this prevents images to be loaded sometimes. This feature comes by default but you can check the status of this to see if it has been changed or not. Go to the Menu option > Tools > Options > Content.

Check the box that says Block Pop-up Windows and the one that says Load Images Automatically. This will allow you to prevent their images to load automatically. However, if there are some pop-ups that are relative to you, you should click the Exceptions tab on the side. This will open a window where you can add a list of the websites that are exceptions.

The other option we mentioned was Adblock Plus. Once you install this plug-in, move your mouse around the window and move it towards any banner or ad that you see on it. Right-click on it and choose the Enable Adblock Plus option.

Users will also have the option to choose a filter subscription. THIs lets users download filters from specific websites, or locations, from the internet or from their disk. This allows the add-on to know which advertisements to completely block.

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