How To Add Your Favorite Google Desktop Gadgets to the Left Sidebar of Your Gmail Account

In the past, we have written many articles on Firefox and Hotmail. Today, we will be focusing on Google and how we can help you customize your Google account. This article will be focusing on how you can add some of your favorite Google Gadgets to your Gmail account. The process is a tricky one but relatively easy.

For many, this article was confusing but they only understood what it was actually about once they went through the article. Gadgets that are available for Google Desktop are mentioned in iGoogle Content Directory. Gadgets that end with .xml are the ones that can be added to your left sidebar in Gmail.

To start, you will first have to open up your Gmail account, only when you will be able to add your favorite Google Desktop Gadgets. Navigate to Gmail Labs by going to Setting and then Labs. Enable the option that says “Add any gadget by URL”, like you can see in the image below and click “Save Changes”.

This will bring up a Gadgets tab to your settings. You will be able to specify the URL of the gadget to include in your sidebar. This will show in a box in a column on the left-hand side.

Now, you can see a Gadgets tab that comes before the Gmail Labs tab. This can also be seen in the image below.

Now, enter the URL of the gadget so it can be added to the left sidebar in Gmail.

Search for your favorite gadget in the Content Directory we mentioned above. Select your favorite and click “Share This Gadget”.

This will open a dialog box which will shows what contacts you want to share with. Ignore this and look at the bottom of the pop-up. Click “Or Copy and Paste a Link to This Gadget”. Click it and it will show you a full code that will embed the gadget.

Copy and paste the entire code onto Notepad etc and highlight the URL that ends with .xml.

Copy and paste this URL in the Gmail Gadgets and click “Add”.

This will add a gadget to your sidebar.

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