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How To Log Into Multiple Google Talk Accounts Using A Simple Hack

Let us assume that you have more than one Gmail accounts; two to be exact. One of your accounts is for personal use and the other one is for your office and business work. You would really like to be Read More →

How To Add Your Favorite Google Desktop Gadgets to the Left Sidebar of Your Gmail Account

In the past, we have written many articles on Firefox and Hotmail. Today, we will be focusing on Google and how we can help you customize your Google account. This article will be focusing on how you can add some Read More →

How to Manage and Launch Shortcuts Quickly Using Microsoft Speed Launch

Do you have lots of applications installed on your computer? Better yet, do you have millions of apps installed with their icons spread all over the place? If the answer to these questions is yes, you really need our help. Read More →

How to Disable Google Chrome’s Built-in PDF Viewer

PDF -formatted documents have somewhat reached their full potential at the moment. Many people and organizations are using such formats for their official documents especially when someone has to send official documents through the internet. There are various documents that Read More →

Ice Cream Sandwich Anyone? Android 4.0 Review

The Android 4.0 made its way to the market with the help of its flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Android 4.0 has made previous versions look ridiculous. The Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) seems to be one of the few Read More →
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