How To Turn Off Indexing Of Your Local Drive In Windows 7 / Vista

If you deeply desire for faster loading speeds or an increase in the performance your system’s Windows, then it’s time you turn off your Indexing option for your local drives to help you enhance your performance. This option is usually automatically set in Windows XP and later versions of this OS. Indexing simple helps your OS to index your files and folders to help provide a fast search.

You are probably thinking why you should turn it off if it was enabled by default by Microsoft. You are right to stop and think about this but then you need to realize that Microsoft isn’t a genius. They have forgotten to make some tweaks to their searches which led to a weaker system. There are various services that are faster than the built-in service and they are also a lot more powerful for example, Google Desktop or Windows Search.

Here’s how you can start.

Go to My Computer to open your local drive. Right-click on any of your local drives (C, D or any other drive available) and go to its Properties.

This will bring up a little Properties window. Go to the General tab. In this section, you will see a checkbox on the bottom which will say “Index this drive for faster searching”. Make sure this is unchecked like you can see in image below.

Now, the system will ask you whether you want to turn off the indexing option in the root of the drive or do you want to turn it off for all the files and folders. With these two options, you want to choose the latter, applying the changes to all files and folders. Click OK to confirm it.

If you select the first option, then Windows will still index your files and folders so don’t choose this option. If you want to enable indexing, just follow the same procedure as above but instead of unchecking the box, you want to check it.

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