Weird but Silly facts about Microsoft Windows

Here are some weired but silly facts, plus solutions about Windows, one of the most widely used OS, around the world.

1. Nobody can create a folder named “Con”.

Weired: Try creating a folder anywhere on your hard disk named “Con” (excluding quotes) and hit Enter. You’ll be surprised that the folder won’t be named “Con“, instead a “New Folder” will be displayed.

Reason: The word “CON” can not be created because it is used by the file system.

2. Some words won’t appear on Notepad, no matter how much you try.

Weired: Open Notepad and then type “Bush hid the facts” or . Write in Notepad the following text : “Bush hid the facts” or “goats are tards” (excluding quotes) then Save the file and exit Notepad. Try opening the same file that you have just saved. You’ll see that the text you just wrote won’t show.

Reason: Also called the “Notepad bug” is because Notepad sees the byte sequence and believes it is uni-code, and 3 is a feature (in Word; not Windows!) . You can get the original text back by going into notepad, open file, select the file and change encoding to ANSI, and the text will display properly.

3. Repetition of same sentence.

Open Microsoft Word (any version) and type this formula : “=rand(200,99)” (excluding quotes) and hit Enter. See it yourself!
I leave this solution for you to figure out. Let me know, what could be the possible reason for this?



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