New features of Windows Media Player 12

Despite that the release of  Windows 7 is still a year away, many users from all over the world can’t wait to get a sneak preview of these features.

Previously considered by people was that many applications will only be available until Windows 7 release, but according to Peter Bright, a handful of these applications will be made available prior to the release of Windows 7. Among the release will be Window Media Player 12.

Although a lot of new features have been added to the latest version of WMP 12, but despite that, the experience will be almost the same. The User interface (UI) is much lighter and brighter when compared with WMP 11.

Following are screen-shots of upcoming Windows Media Player 12:

Library View

Video playback controls

Taskbar Miniview

One of the major difference will be of the removal of the “Now Playing Button”. A new Taskbar miniviewer feature has also been added that works with Windows 7.

What do you think about these features? Is there any need for improvement?


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