6 Excellent Vista Themes for Windows XP

Today, I bring you yet another post on Microsoft! It seems as we have got addicted to Microsoft some how, because we never talked about Windows, until last week.

You might want to take a look at the posts previously written, here. It will take a year for the next operating system to get released and to get to know all the features that are in it, particularly its themes.

Although, Window Vista didn’t get as much appreciation as Windows XP, despite that people love it for the eye candy that it offers. But not every one can afford an upgrade to Window Vista.

Therefore, to quench your thirst for Vista, you can give Windows XP a taste of Vista. Having said that, these visual styles can only give you a slight feeling of Vista, but can’t touch the real amount of elegance that Vista offers.

Before you beging and start using Vista styles you need to follow these instrutions first.

  • Download UX Theme MultiPatcher from here
  • Run the setup file
  • Download any of the following styles
  • Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style
  • Your Done, your XP got Vista Makeover!





Razor Vista


Best Vista Theme for XP

Password for rar file = Ferrum

Greenius.VS for GAIA




Note: These visual styles can reduce system performance, so go for them only if your system has a good amount of resources.


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