Extend Windows 7 Trial Period Upto 90 Days

The release of Windows 7 is still a year away before you get your hands on it, and I was eagerly waiting to get an actual glimpse of how Window 7 Pre-beta feels like and finally I succeeded in getting, not a full version though, but a trial version of it.

Unless you attended the PDC 2008 and got an activation key for Windows 7, there is no way you can extend the pre-defined trial version of 30-days.

However, time flies why you are diving in these OS, in order to get more out of it, and to get familiar with all the new features that they have placed in; 30-days seems to be such a short period.

I bring you a simple trick that will extend your 30 days trial version to a more acceptable one of 3 months! Now, how cool is that?

1. Download Windows 7 Pre-beta and burn the image file (*.ISO) to DVD.

2. Install Windows 7 Pre-beta using the DVD and while installation make sure to not put any activation

3. Once the installation is complete, open Command Prompt.

4. Type the following command into the Open textbox, or from the Command Prompt:

sysprep /generalize


slmgr.vbs –rearm


rundll32 slc.dll,SLReArmWindows

5. Click OK or press ENTER.

6. Reboot your system, and enjoy another 30 days free trial of Windows 7.

Keep in mind that this works on twice, therefore, make sure that you refresh the trial period when its about to expire.


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